CFO Accounts & Services

There’s a good chance that, at some point, your business’s financial needs will exceed your own accounting skills or the limits of your time. This is when it may make sense to consider an online bookkeeping service.

Most online bookkeeping services provide a combination of virtual software and outsourced financial services, so you can choose whichever option fits your needs best. These services can range from basic bookkeeping, to more advanced financial reporting and tax filing. Some even offer CFO-level services, such as budget-to-actual analysis, break-even modeling, and more.

One type of online accounting and bookkeeping services – CFO Accounts & Services accounting service is a virtual software solution, which lets you manage your finances from any computer with an internet connection. These programs typically cost a subscription fee, and the features vary between options. Some also include a limited set of financial services, such as bank reconciliations and invoicing. Xendoo, for example, offers an all-in-one accounting platform that includes bookkeeping, payroll services and a dedicated finance expert.

Beyond Spreadsheets: The Future of Financial Management with Cutting-edge Accounting and Bookkeeping Software

Other online accounting services provide a more hands-on approach. These firms may handle more complex bookkeeping, such as accounts receivable, and help you set up bank connections. They may also reconcile bank statements and handle wire transfer and ACH payments. These services are more expensive, but they offer more financial expertise than many online bookkeeping software solutions.

If you’re looking for a full-service accounting firm that provides CFO-level services, consider NOW CFO. They provide flexible CFO and controller staff support on monthly retainers scaled to your needs. They can work in your office or remotely, and their team members are located across the U.S. They also specialize in the specific industries of professional services, technology and manufacturing.