Choosing a Leash For Your Dog


A leash is a chain, rope or strap attached to the collar or harness of an animal (usually a dog), used to lead it or hold it in check. It is also a device for tethering animals, such as horses or camelids, to prevent them from running away. Occasionally, it is used to tether children so they do not wander from their guardians.

Some communities and states have laws that require people to keep their dogs on a leash in public areas. This is done to protect the public, the dog, and the handler, especially in cases where the dog may frighten someone or become aggressive toward them. Some states have statewide leash laws, while others give localities the power to make them.

Walkies 101: The Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Using the Right Dog Leash

When selecting a leash, consider the length and strength that you need. Shorter leashes are more effective for training purposes and are generally a better choice for small dogs or puppies as they are less restrictive. Larger dogs may require a longer leash, but be aware of the possibility that they could run off and get into traffic or another dangerous situation.

The width of the leash is important as well, especially if your dog tends to chew on it or is very strong and pulls. If you have a chewer, look for a leash that is wider and thicker, or consider using a no-pull harness or front hook harness. Yanking or jerking a leash can cause injury to the dog, and is counter-productive during training. Instead, backup and call your dog’s name in a happy voice to encourage them to come to you.