How to Add a List of Words That You Don’t Want to See on Your Facebook Page

If you’re running a business or managing a public community, you likely don’t want to see negative comments posted to your Facebook page. These negative words could tarnish your reputation and turn potential customers away from your brand.

The best way to profanity list of words Facebook these negative posts is by regularly adding a list of words that you don’t want to see on your Facebook page moderation blocklist. These negative words can be anything from offensive curse words to general spam words to competitors’ names that you don’t want to see on the wall of your page.

You can add a list of words that you don’t like to see on your Facebook page by visiting the Settings of your business or fan page and scrolling down to Page Moderation. Click the Moderation Blocklist option and select a level of moderation from Medium to Strong. This allows you to automatically hide comments that contain the words you’ve added to your moderation list.

Beyond Censorship: A Closer Look at Facebook’s Prohibited Language and Crafting a Positive Online Discourse

This feature is a great tool to use for your business, especially if you’re a service-oriented company that caters to families. By filtering out inappropriate discussions, you’ll be able to keep your audience more engaged and focused on the positive aspects of your business. Also, by preventing bullying on your page, you’ll keep your community safe and happy. Learn more about Facebook community moderation from our blog article here!