What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds  is an important step for any grower; without seeds there would be no new plants to harvest, and without growing them you wouldn’t have any marijuana to smoke. Seeds are the foundation of every crop; they contain the complete genetic code and all the biological structures that are needed to give a ‘kid plant’ the best start in life. Seeds are tiny miracles of nature, and they deserve to be treated with care and respect.

The centre of the seed contains a precious embryo, just like a foetus in a mammal’s womb or a chick in its egg waiting to hatch. The embryo contains all the genetic information a plant needs to thrive; it’s also packed with a substance called albumen, a nutritional reserve that will keep the seed alive until germination is underway. During this stage the embryo is protected by the testa, a hard shell that will protect it from toxins and germs until it’s ready to sprout.

Cracking the Code: A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Seeds and Their Unique Characteristics

Once a seed has germinated, it will produce a radicle (the first root) and a hypocotyl (the stem that will eventually develop leaves). The radicle and the hypocotyl are both covered in cotyledons, tiny little baby leaf buds that will give rise to the first real cannabis plant.

There are two types of cannabis seeds; regular and feminized. Feminized seeds have been bred to only produce female plants; this is why they are often preferred by growers as they provide a better chance of successful cultivation. Regular seeds on the other hand, have not been bred to be feminized and can therefore produce male and female plants.