What Is a Laptop Sleeve?

A laptop sleeve 13″ is a protective outer layer for your digital device. Its chief function is to cushion your laptop or notebook from accidental bumps and drops, so it’ll resist dents, scratches and even water. It also keeps dust and dirt out, protecting your speakers, charging pin and cable jacks from getting dirty or hindering performance.

Most sleeves are made of refined materials that offer good collision resistance, and they usually fit a wide range of laptops. Some are designed with padding to protect your edges and bezels, while others have targeted protection for specific parts of your device. Some have built-in organization, making it easy to store essentials in a compartment or zippered pocket.

Tech and Texture: The Growing Trend of Leather Laptop Sleeves

Many laptop sleeves are crafted with premium fabrics, like leather or polyurethane (PU), that give them a rich look and feel. Some are vegan friendly or made of recycled materials.

Unlike bags, which typically have straps to carry them on your back or shoulders, sleeves are most comfortable to carry in your hand or slip into another bag. This makes them a great choice for remote workers, or to use as an extra safeguard within your main laptop bag.

While most laptop sleeves are able to repel some liquid or splashes, they are not waterproof and shouldn’t be submerged. It’s a good idea to test your sleeve for resistance to moisture by dampening the material and then letting it dry in a small area.