What Is a Private Rehab?

Private Rehab are private pay, live-in facilities that provide 24-hour addiction treatment for individuals who struggle with drug or alcohol misuse. These rehabs get their financial resources through admission fees rather than government funds and are often more expansive than public rehab programs, offering a wider range of therapies within a peaceful setting.

Some of these exclusive rehabs cater to high-profile clients seeking privacy in a discreet location away from prying eyes. They offer upscale amenities like pools, tennis courts and delicious meals. The rooms are more home-like than a traditional hospital room with soft linens and decorated walls, which provides a relaxing atmosphere that helps to ease the transition into recovery.

With more funds available to them, private rehabs can also afford more staff and space than public rehabs. They often have more specialized options like art or yoga therapy that help to treat the entire person rather than just their symptoms. They may also have a broader array of educational classes and other therapies that lead to higher success rates.

The Power of Privacy: Why Choose a Private Rehab Program

In many cases, private rehabs are also more credentialed than their public counterparts. They’re more likely to have experienced addiction treatment professionals on staff and offer a more thoughtful guest experience. Some of these private rehabs are even licensed as medical facilities, which means that a doctor will be on staff to oversee the treatment program.

Some of these private rehabs are even family-friendly and offer sessions to help the entire family recognize the underlying issues that cause their loved one to struggle with substance abuse. This is a vital step in helping to heal the broken bonds and open up communication channels that may have been closed during times of addiction.