Workers Compensation Lawyers Parramatta


Whether you have been injured at work or suffer from a work-related illness, workers’ compensation lawyers Parramatta will help you to get the financial support you deserve. Compensation claims are complex and require time, expertise and experience to understand and assess. Our team of experts are ready to take up the challenge.

Workers compensation covers you if you are physically or psychologically injured at work, have developed a disease related to your job, or if your existing condition worsened due to workplace conditions. You are entitled to weekly payments based on your established earnings, medical treatment and rehabilitation costs. You can also claim lump sum compensation if you reach a threshold for permanent impairment of 10% or greater for a physical injury and 15% or greater for a psychological injury.

Understanding Your Rights: Workers Compensation Lawyers in Parramatta

A lawyer specializing in workers’ compensation law can help you lodge a claim, identify potential compensation areas, guide you through the process and represent you if a dispute arises. They can also provide expert advice on how to negotiate with your employer or insurance agency and protect you from any unlawful practices by either party.

Suppose you have a total and permanent disability (TPD) policy as part of your superannuation or held separately. In that case, you can claim lump sum compensation if you are permanently unfit to work due to a workplace injury or sickness. Our TPD compensation lawyers in Sydney will assist you with making a successful claim, including representing you if your claim is rejected by the insurer.